I cannot be sacked, I am dependable- Kibuule

State Minister for Water Ronald Kibuule has told his constituents that president Museveni cannot sack him from the ministerial position because he is a “dependable”.

Kibuule made the statements while addressing consultation meetings in Nama Sub-County, Mukono District.

The Mukono North legislator held age limit consultation meetings in Kyampisi and Nama sub counties.

“President Museveni wont sack me, how can he? Museveni knows his players, I am in the big league,” Kibuule said.

Kibuule also lashed out at opposition members of parliament specifically chief whip Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, whom he accused of being a perpetual liar. He said that Ssemujju accused him falsely of carrying a gun to the chambers of parliament.

“There was no gun, but Ssemujju and his people are liars. I do not even know why Ssemujju fasts during Ramadan,” he said.

A section of traditional leaders also attended the consultation meetings. They proclaimed their support for the amendment of the constitution.

On the age limit removal, Kibuule said there is nothing wrong with amending, as it has been done before to accommodate other parties.

“If we had not amended the constitution, there would be no political parties, only a movement system,” Kibuule said.

Last month, Nile Post reported that the junior minister was under fire after sources intimated that his job was in balance.

Our sources revealed that the minister had been called by President Museveni and consequently sacked on phone. Kibuule then would run to the First Lady, Janet Museveni grovelling before asking her to intercede to Museveni on his behalf.

The office of the Prime Minister also weighed in on the matter, stating that the minister was to be subjected to a disciplinary action at a higher level.

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