Government refutes deportation of 150 Ugandans from Dubai

Government through the Foreign Affairs Ministry has rubbished as untrue, news reports that over 150 Ugandans were recently deported from the United Arab Emirates by their government.

Quoting one Moses Kasuja, an alleged staff at the Ugandan embassy, Daily Monitor on Monday reported that 154 Ugandans had been deported back due to various reasons but according to government, the story is not truthful.

“The Ministry wishes to refute this story as totally false and grossly misleading. The newspaper quoted a one Mr. Kasuja Moses as being member of staff of the Embassy of Uganda in the United Arab Emirates. Mr. Kasuja Moses is not a member of the staff of the Embassy,” said the Foreign Affairs Ministry in a statement.

“It is also totally false for the newspaper to claim to having spoken to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson over this matter.”

Last week, a list containing 37 Ugandans detained at Al Awiir Central Jal prison in Dubai as of September 19 2018 whereas another list released by Abu Dhabi police indicated 19 Ugandans convicted of various offences including assault, robbery, hate crime, child abuse, drug abuse and illegal stay.

Other Ugandans according to the lists released are jailed or convicted of possession of alcohol, working on visit visas, prostitution, theft and working with non -sponsors.

However, in a statement the Foreign Affairs ministry has admitted there are ‘some’ Ugandans jailed in the United Arab Emirates but adds that the Ugandan embassy has been working with the UAE government to solve the impasse.

“The Embassy has been working with the Government of the United Arab Emirates and many Ugandans have benefited from amnesty and returned home,” says the statement.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government of the United Arab Emirates continue to handle the situation of Ugandans whose stay in the United Arab Emirates may be irregular with the view of having their stay regularised.”

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