FDC wants quitting members to return cups, party property

The Forum for Democratic Change has written to some of their members who have joined former president Maj.Gen.Mugisha Muntu to return the party property. Last week, Muntu announced his exit from the party that he co-founded.

“We have resolved to leave the party. As already explained, we do not do so in anger or animosity towards the current leadership, but in careful consideration of the national cause of liberating our country. The current party leadership needs to be given the opportunity to pursue their agenda untethered by the constant worry of sabotage or suspicion,”Muntu said in a statement last week.

He would later organize a press conference at Hotel Africana in Kampala attended by a number of politicians including Members of Parliament and other leaders both from the FDC and other political parties.

However, in a letter dated October 1, 2018, the FDC Secretary General Nathan Nandala Mafabi has written to a one Kyazze Kassimu, a former party general secretary for Makindye district asking him to return the party property.

“The party has been notified of your quitting of Forum for Democratic Change and we appreciate our time with us. We wish to inform you to hand over all party materials in your possession,” reads in part the letter by Mafabi.

Among the party items that FDC has requested from Kyazze include their cheque book, office stamp,desks(4), cups(12), office chairs(3),tables(2) and office files.

“I therefore call upon your cooperation as you hand over to the Makindye chairperson Livingstone Kizito and witnessed by Gertrude Nabayozi, the regional officer, central by October 4, 2018.”

Kassim Kyazze, who has been described as the former party general secretary for Makindye district was in 2015 elected as the secretary for presidency in charge of Kampala.

On his Facebook account, he describes himself as the FDC secretary in charge of Kampala Metropolitan.

On Sunday he took to his social media accounts to announce his resignation from FDC to Mugisha Muntu’s New Formation.

“I have resigned as FDC Makindye district General Secretary. I am now acting chairman New Formation Makindye branch,”Kyazze posted on his Facebook.

Kyazze was among the team that organised FDC president candidate Dr.Kizza Besigye's mega campaign rally at Katwe market playground during the 2016 polls.

In one incident in February, Kyazze ordered for removal of campaign posters for independent candidates including Robert Kironde who was a contestant for the Makindye Mayoral seat and Hassan Gulooba( Katwe Parish LC 3 councilor seat) prior to Besigye’s rally.

Kyazze and the other fellow organisers said they wouldn’t allow any of the independent candidates’s posters displayed or campaign during Besigyes rally at Katwe.

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