FDC President Amuriat issues statement on Meet with Gen Mugisha Muntu

Fellow Ugandans,

Upon request by Former FDC President Maj. Gen. (rtd) Mugisha Muntu, we held a meeting with my predecessor today, 25th Sept 2018 at Fairway Hotel, Kampala.

Gen. Mugisha Muntu and his team of Hon. Alice Alaso, Hon. Kassiano Wadri MP, Hon. Stephen Ochola and Owek. Sewava Sserubiri presented to us findings of their eight months nationwide consultations announced immediately after my victory as FDC President on 24th November 2017. My team was composed of Owek. Joyce Naboosa Ssebugwawo, Hon. Mubarak Munyagwa MP, Mr. Caleb Muwanguzi, Mr. Wycliffe Bakandonda and Lord Councillor Kennedy Okello.

I wish to state that from our candid and honest discussion of their findings, he stated that they were not opposed to my leadership of FDC; that the election that brought me into office was free and fair; and that FDC fidelity to the values, principles, objectives/mission and strategies for which it was founded are not contested.

We agreed that FDC has remained true to our promises, pledges and compact with the people of Uganda to offer an alternative leadership that espouses the dignity of the human person, meritbased leadership, social justice and equal opportunity to every Ugandan.

At the time of conclusion of our meeting, our colleagues and my team had not had a point of casual or fundamental disagreement. We agreed that FDC institutions will scrutinise their findings and formally report back to Gen. Mugisha Muntu.



Patrick Oboi Amuriat

FDC President.

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