EU sour graping over Uganda's new found love with China- Opondo

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Government has again attacked  the European Union Parliament for their  resolution in regards human rights violation in Uganda following the Arua by election chaos that saw over 30 people including MPs arrested .

The European Union (EU) Parliament last week issued a warning to the Ugandan government over its continued violation of human rights during and after the Arua Municipality parliamentary by-election.

Addressing journalists at the Uganda Media Centre on Monday morning,government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo said recent developments especially from the west point to an envious group of people over Uganda and Africa at large.

"All this is calculated to undermine Uganda's progress and our reinvogorared  relationship with China,"Opondo said.

"Both the nature of the final resolution and the debate that ensued by the MPs on the floor of their parliament, showed all signs of active coaching including prepared texts for each MP to read. We believe part of it related to our relationship with China."

He said Uganda is not shifting allegiance  to China  but diversifying,a thing he said is not bad.

According to the government spokesperson,the resolutiom was discussed and passed by the European Union Parliament but never communicated the same to the Ugandan embassy in Brussels or the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

He said he had sent a 'teaser' on social media but government has not recieved any response from the European Union.

"We deem their resolution unfair, unsubstancial,non objective and has not been furnished with the government of Uganda through the embassy in Brussels or foreign affairs ministry."

In a 14-point resolution dated September 13, the EU Parliament asked the Executive to respect the independence of Parliament and drop what they called tramped up charges against Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, and all other suspects implicated in the Arua fracas.

However in response, Opondo said these are efforts by the West to undermine Uganda's institutional independence for their own selfish interests.

"Instead of asking courts to be as independent as possible, they are asking Ugandan courts to drop charges. We think these are premeditated efforts to hijack our institutions."

He added that looking at the proceedings of the EU parliament,it showed that everything was premeditated.

"Even if you ask those MPs, dont be suprised that some of them dont even know where Uganda is located."

Government said that Uganda is not calling for withdrawal of aid but the West should respect "our" values.


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