Postmortem: Besigye supporter was hit by bullet, not stone

A post mortem report has revealed that a one Nasasira Edison who died during a stand off between Uganda Police and Kizza Besigye in Rukungiri, was shot with a bullet.

This contradicts reports from police who claimed the deceased was hit by a stone.

Kigezi Region RPC Denis Namuwoza said that basing on the size of the wound found on the deceased, he had been hit by a stone.

Kigezi region police spokesperson Elly Matte, also confirmed that the deceased had only one wound opening hence there is no way he would have been shot by a bullet.

In a postmortem report from Karoli Lwanga Hospital and Nursing Training School, Nyakibale, it was discovered that Nasasira had a circular bullet entry wound on the left nasal bone about 0.5m in diameter.

It was also discovered that the deceased had an exit wound in he right occipital region measuring 3cm by 2cm.

The report was done by doctors; Gingo Stephen an obstetrician, Luyimbazi Julius and Mbiine Ronald both general surgeons.

“Features are consistent with a gunshot wound/injury, direction of injury was front to back,” the postmortem reads.

"There was missing bone fragments hence open fracture of the left occiput bone. Features of the lacerated brain tissues ( a probe used a revealed lacerated brain tissue and bleeding in the brain),” the postmortem continues.

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