VIDEO: You will not take us out with violence, Gen Tumwine tells youth


Security Minister Gen. Elly Tumwine has cautioned the young Politicians and the youth against the use of violence to cause political change. General Tumwiine says dialogue with the current leader on a smooth transition would be a more effective means to achieving transition of power.

Gen Tumwine said that while the youth push for regime change, they should not rubbish the old guard or they risk invoking an unthinkable reaction from the old folks who would feel threatened.

“One of them came telling me they want change, they no-longer want dead wood, I told her to go slow, take advice from old people like us, and it is the same I am advising our young people.”

"The best way is partnership, befriend the old guard so that they don’t see you as a threat, but they have worked for this, looked after you up to this stage, and you say you want them away! You are spoiling your future, they can also say they want you away,” Tumwine said.

The former army commander warned that violence will not be tolerated but rather dialogue, he related the current events to a family setting.

“Don’t threaten these old people because you want change now, in a home you don’t just wake up and say my father go away. This old people can be very dangerous if you confront them negatively, they are experienced and tested and they know what to do,”

“I am the owner of the house and in charge then you the children are throwing stones? There are serious things I can do,” he added.

General Tumwine s remembered as the person who fired the first bullet that would later launch the NRA bush war that ushered in president Museveni and the NRM regime.





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