Police Releases Traffic Guidelines for Kabaka Mutebi 25th Coronation Anniversay Celebrations

Kabaka Mutebi's 25th Coronation Series

The Uganda Police Force in conjunction with its sister agencies have released the security and traffic management plan for tomorrow's Kabaka Ronald Mwenda Mutebi II 25th coronation anniversary.

The annual celebrations that take place every 31st of July is expected to attract thousands of guests and police vows to ensure peace and order prevails at the Lubiri celebrations.

Preparations for tomorrows Kabaka Ronald Mwenda Mutebi II ‘s 25th coronation anniversary are falling in place with the Uganda Police adding to the final pieces of the puzzle.

In a joint presser held at Police headquarters in Naguru, Kampala metropolitan Police Commander Moses Kafeero released the security and traffic management plans to guide the day.

Tomorrow’s Kabaka Mutebi II ‘s 25th coronation is expected to attract thousands of people including many very distinguished guests (VIPS) from central government, cultural institutions from within the country, others invited from other countries and the general population.

Police address the press about traffic plans for Kabaka Mutebi's celebrations.

Kafeero says for security purposes, they will be heavy deployment, several check points and road diversions.

Police advises the public to be vigilant of suspicious characters those dressed in heavy jackets, abandoned bags, idlers and report any suspicions to the nearby police establishment.

At the same presser, Kampala Metropolitan Traffic commander Norman Musinga also laid down the traffic plan to be followed.

Musinga says non celebrants will only access Ring road for all routes heading to the Lubiri will be cut off.

Whoever violates these regulations will be dealt with in accordance to the law, compliance and cooperation from the public is expected.

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