Gulu City stuck with Shs1.6bn PDM cash

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Gulu City stuck with Shs1.6bn PDM cash
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Parish Development Model beneficiaries in Gulu City are yet to receive their money for the last financial year.

According to the Resident City Commissioner Jane Frances Amongin, Shs1.6 billion meant for the 32 wards is still sitting in the account with the commercial officer hesitant to disburse due to unclear guidelines.

The fear to disburse this money stems from the arrest of the former commercial officer Nixon Komakech Atemo for embezzling the PDM money.

Ms Amongin has been in every ward of the city preaching President Museveni's gospel of PDM.

However, of recent she has been frustrated by the failure of the city to disburse the money to the beneficiaries.

Speaking to Nile Post, Amongin said more money is coming for Saccos but unfortunately it is not given out due to a guideline procedure.

"Shs250 million meant for the operation of the Saccos had not yet been given out and they talk of guidelines," she said.

"I have tried to reach out out to authorities to find out what the guideline is all about because the money is already in the accounts of the chairpersons and waiting disbursement."

She calle on the responsible ministry to wake up and give proper guidelines to the concerned officers.

However, the news about the idle PDM money has raised queries as to the intended purpose of the money.

"I have believe the money will be taken back and the interest will actually benefit the city leadership and this is what we don't want," said Robinson Onencan, a youth leader.

"We want the money this money disbursed to various groups so that the young people benefit to transform their life."

Nelson Obol, a church leader said said the failure to execute funds disbursement was intentional.

"This is meant to leave our people very poor and also to the beneficiaries, this money is meant to be used for production, but you discover it is used for consumption. I therefore think the PDM has not achieved anything and not met it's target," he said.

The Paris Development Model is an initiative of President Museveni to deliver Ugandans at the grassroot level out of poverty.

But there is constant call from leaders for increased sensitization and mindset change about the use of the PDM money.

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