Age limit: Kigezi Bishop receives death threats

The Bishop of Kinkizi Diocese, Dan Zoreka, has revealed that he has received death threats because of his stand against the age-limit bill.

Presiding over a mass at St. Paul's Kirima C.O.U parish in Kanungu district on October 15, Bishop Zoreka told his congregation that some security operatives had made calls to him, warning him to tread carefully.

"They are bothering me with calls," Zoreka said.

The thanksgiving mass was for an elder Saulo Niwagaba was attended by Dr Kizza Besigye, the former FDC president.

"Every time I speak, I am accused of being anti-government or being opposed to President Museveni. But quote me right here. I am a Ugandan like you. No one hates Uganda, no one hates Museveni. I heard someone (Chris Baryomunsi) on Radio at night saying I don't like President Museveni. That is wrong;

people should not lie to you. For us, we are speaking truth from what we observe and kindly stop these threats," Bishop Zoreka said.

He said that MPs should not think that they have monopoly to make decisions for the whole country.

"Uganda's problem is leadership  except that those who in the leadership have not seen it."

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