NUP district leaders attend Mpuuga Thanksgiving

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NUP district leaders attend Mpuuga Thanksgiving
Nyenje and Batemyetto said they root for unity

Some district chairpersons from the National Unity Platform (NUP) attended Mathias Mpuuga's Thanksgiving Mass at Kitovu Arena in Masaka City yesterday.

Fred Nyenje Kayiira (Bukomansimbi) and Andrew Batemyetto (Masaka) were among those who joined the ceremony, showing their support for Mpuuga's event.

"We came to show our appreciation for Mpuuga's achievements and dedication to our community," said Nyenje. "We believe in unity and celebrating each other's successes, regardless of any political differences."

Nyenje said their presence demonstrated that they valued community and togetherness.

"We will continue to support initiatives that benefit our people. We are not rebelling against the party; we are simply standing up for what we believe in - unity and community," he added.

His Masaka counterpart Batemyetto said Mpuuga's thanksgiving mass was a testament to his commitment to the people. We stand with him in spirit and solidarity."

Batemyetto said all leaders with a significant following, such as Bobi Wine, Mpuuga, DP Bloc, FDC among others should unite to achieve a common goal.

He believes that everyone is working towards the same objective of effecting change in the government.

Additionally, Batemyetto expressed support for the parliamentary petition, recognising it as a step in the right direction.

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