It would be absurd to be denied party card for supporting Mpuuga - Sseggona

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It would be absurd to be denied party card for supporting Mpuuga - Sseggona

Busiro East legislator Medard Sseggona says it would be very absurd for the National Unity Platform (NUP) to deny party cards to those who have attended Mathias Mpuuga's thanksgiving.

Mr Mpuuga held a Thanksgiving at Kitovu Masaka Sports Arena to celebrate his leadership achievements.

And speaking at the event, Sseggona addressed rumours of intimidation against those attending the Thanksgiving event for former Leader of the Opposition Mpuuga, who fell out with NUP over the controversial service award for which he is facing censure.

"I heard rumours that they were calling members, telling them they would be denied party cards if they attended Mpuuga’s Thanksgiving. I'm glad I wasn't called, and if it's true, then it's absurd. Friendships go beyond politics," he said.

"There were some people who said that this thanksgiving wouldn't happen and that people would stone each other, but people are here seated peacefully. What you see here is the National Unity Platform, and this is what we believe in," Sseggona added.

Addressing recent criticisms regarding service awards given to parliamentary commissioners, Sseggona clarified the process, stating that the decision was a collective one by Parliament.

"It's not true that the parliamentary commissioners allocated themselves the service award. The proposal was brought to Parliament and it was passed. If there is anyone to blame, then the whole Parliament is to blame."

Sseggona also touched upon the disparities in remuneration among parliamentary leaders, highlighting the differences based on roles and experience.

"Several leaders in Parliament earn differently. You can't get the same remuneration as the commissioners. Even the current Leader of the Opposition, my brother Ssenyonyi, earns more than me, yet I am more experienced than him," he said.

Regarding his feelings towards the appreciation awards given to commissioners, Sseggona expressed personal disappointment but acknowledged the validity of the awards.

"It's true that the commissioners were given an appreciation for their service, a service award. It hurt me because I would have also wanted to receive it, but they were being appreciated for the work they had done for the institution, so I have no problem with that."

Sseggona urged his colleagues and supporters to focus on the critical issues facing their community rather than be swayed by distractions.

"I call upon all of us not to be diverted from the real issues that we are facing," he said.

He also praised the contributions of Mathias Mpuuga, underscoring his vital role in the NUP.

"Mpuuga’s contributions and work are fundamental to our cause. His leadership is still needed in this cause," Sseggona said.

Some leaders highlighted ongoing issues of land evictions in Kampala, particularly in Lubigi, calling for attention and action from all leaders.

The thanksgiving event continued with various MPs and community members in attendance, demonstrating a united front amidst challenges.

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