MP Joyce Bagala criticises LOP over committee reassignment, expresses party loyalty

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MP Joyce Bagala criticises LOP over committee reassignment, expresses party loyalty
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The Woman Member of Parliament for Mityana, Joyce Bagala, has voiced her discontent with the Leader of the Opposition, Joel Ssenyonyi, for his objections to her reassignment to the Government Assurances Committee.

Bagala attributes these developments to political maneuvering within the opposition ranks.

During Wednesday's plenary session, Parliament rejected the proposal by Opposition Chief Whip John Baptist Nambeshe to appoint Joseph Gonzaga Ssewungu as chairperson and Ethel Naluyima as deputy of the Government Assurances and Implementation Committee, replacing Abed Bwanika and Joyce Bagala.

However, Ssenyonyi expressed dissatisfaction with the committee’s inactivity, criticising its leadership and questioning the rationale behind retaining Bwanika and Bagala in their roles.

"We have active committees, especially those overseeing accountability. Meetings are underway, and work is progressing," Ssenyonyi said. "Contrarily, the Government Assurances Committee remains inactive, despite having assigned leadership and members, some of whom belong to us."

Ssenyonyi emphasised the importance of ensuring the effectiveness of all parliamentary committees.

"We felt it necessary to ensure that all committees, like those focusing on accountability, are operational. Hence, changes were deemed appropriate," he explained.

He also suggested that the committee's inefficiency could be due to interference from the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the Speaker of Parliament, Anita Annet Among.

"This clearly indicates protection from the NRM and the Speaker. They no longer represent our interests," Ssenyonyi added.

In response, Joyce Bagala expressed disappointment with Ssenyonyi's stance. "Our committee has prepared reports," Bagala countered. "I am confident that many members share concerns. Several have contacted me, puzzled and disheartened."

Bagala openly criticised the Leader of the Opposition, describing his actions as "politically regrettable."

She insinuated that these maneuvers were driven by political agendas aimed at shaping narratives or gaining leverage.

"I believe this is purely political," Bagala asserted, underscoring her unwavering allegiance to her party. "I remain loyal and committed. If necessary, the party should address any concerns directly with me."

Recently, the NRM's Central Executive Committee (CEC) instructed the Government Chief Whip to advertise all sectoral committee positions, following allegations of corruption involving some members facing charges.

The CEC mandated the removal of all committee leaders who have served two or more terms, citing a need for fresh leadership amid ongoing procedural challenges.

This decision comes amidst heightened scrutiny of Parliament over corruption allegations, including accusations against members soliciting kickbacks during budget approvals for the Human Rights Commission.

Several MPs implicated in these charges are currently facing legal action.

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