Minister Balaam Barugahara hails NGOs for role in advocating for children's rights

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Minister Balaam Barugahara hails NGOs for role in advocating for children's rights
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State minister for gender in charge of youth and children Dr. Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi has hailed NGOs for playing a crucial role in advocating for children's rights.

Barugahara was speaking during belated celebrations for the day of the African child held in Kabale.

The day of the African child is celebrated annually on  June,16  to remember the  Soweto children’s up-rising of 1976 during which  a number  of south African learners were brutally murdered for protesting the apartheid rule.

Barugahara said NGOs help complement government efforts in taking care of vulnerable children and orphans.

He added that  government has to set aside some funds to help these institutes on educating the vulnerable children and orphans.

Barugahara also showed dissatisfaction over the health of children in the Kabale children’s remand home .

“Before I came here I first visited the remand home but I found  children who were coughing and in a worrying sate. My call to the judiciary is that let them speedy up the trail process for the juveniles that are struggling with HIV and malnutrition,” Barugahara requested.

Ruth Ndyabahika Kendengye, the  founder  of Grace villa girls’ sanctuary who was hosting this year’s Day of African Child in Kabale also showed dissatisfaction with government over tight charges especially taxation of the orphanages and safe places for vulnerable children.

He said the heavy taxes are a burden to their efforts to advocate for children's rights.

She further appealed to government institutions for assistance in different aspects for them to swiftly execute their roles of assisting the vulnerable children.

Monica Muhumuza Nzirwe, the  Kabale District Probation officer noted the day of the African child will help them to look at the role of local government in up lifting the children’s education in Kabale district.

She added that there is a very huge parenting gap which has led to a big number  of being  as unable to complete their education cycle despite the provision of Universal Primary Education by government.

Muhumuza added that a big number of these are boy who are unable to complete education hence ending up in bad acts.

Uganda celebrated the Day of African child last week on Sunday in Kilyadongo district under the theme “Education for all children in Africa: Time is now.”

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