NRM CEC drops committee leaders

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NRM CEC drops committee leaders
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The National Resistance Movement (NRM)'s Central Executive Committee (CEC) has directed the Government Chief Whip to advertise all sectoral committee positions after deciding to remove all current committee leaders.

The decision follows allegations of corruption among some committee members, with several already facing corruption charges.

The CEC resolved that all committee chairpersons and deputies who have served two or more terms be removed from their positions.

Each term for these roles spans one financial year. This sweeping decision comes after nearly three weeks of indecision and procedural struggles within the committee to agree on new sectoral committee leadership.

The resolution, which has been deferred twice previously, was finally reached as the ruling party's top organ sought to establish clear procedures for appointing new committee leaders.

The move aims to inject fresh leadership into the parliamentary committees and address the rising concerns about corruption within the institution.

Parliament has recently been under intense scrutiny following corruption claims, with several members accused of soliciting kickbacks from the Human Rights Commission chairperson before approving the commission's budget.

A group of MPs has already been brought to court to face these corruption charges.

President Museveni has also emphasised his commitment to eradicating corruption in parliament, underscoring the urgency and importance of the CEC's recent decisions.

Some of the committees affected by the leadership shake-up include Trade Committee previously led by Mwiine Mpaka, ICT committee previously led by Moses Magogo, and Legal Affairs committee previously chaired by Robina Rwakoojo and her embattled deputy, Yusuf Mutembuli.

Others are Health committee previously chaired by Dr Charles Ayume, Education committee previously chaired by John Ntamuhira, and Presidential Affairs Committee previously headed by Jesca Ababiku.

The Chief Whip is now tasked with advertising these leadership positions, allowing interested members to express their intent to lead the committees.

This move is anticipated to rejuvenate the committees and potentially eliminate corrupt elements within the parliamentary leadership.

As the CEC prepares for the next phase of leadership selection, the party and the public remain watchful, eager to see if these changes will effectively address the corruption issues and bring about the desired integrity within parliament.

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