Anti corruption crusaders raise concern over shs500m 'service award' by UIA staff

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Anti corruption crusaders raise concern over shs500m 'service award' by UIA staff
Anti Corruption Coalition ED Marlon Agaba

Anti-corruption crusaders are concerned about the increasing entitlements among public servants of what is termed as service awards and Honorariums given to them in public offices.

The Executive Director of Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda Marlon Agaba blames parliament for assenting to multiple loans that are later channeled to service awards arguing that if parliament doesn’t refrain from openly accepting loans for different government projects, the country’s debt and non performing loans are likely to soar.

From what was termed as the presidential handshake to service awards and now honorarium in public services, anti-corruption crusaders  are wondering what is left for the country’s financial position if this continues to take shape among public servants.

These are  blaming parliament for consistently accepting loans to government projects without thorough scrutiny.

Even when the Director General of Uganda Investment Authority Robert Mukiza accepted to refund the payment, anti-corruption crusaders insist that the Inspector General of Government should scrutinize the increasing appetite for loans among government bodies.

“ We are seeing our loans growing day by day but why  cant the IGG track these loans and see which projects are underway? Otherwise if  the IGG doesn't do due diligence there is a problem,” Agaba said.

However senior Economist Dr Fred Muhumuza blames this on reduction and reluctance in corporate governance procedures and strict regulations in big offices of government.

Anti-corruption crusaders believe that instead of rewarding officials with service awards, efforts should be made to hold them accountable for their actions and promote a culture of integrity and transparency in government institutions.

By actively discouraging the practice of giving awards to officials, they hope to create a more ethical and accountable public service in Uganda

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