Muslims in Kibaale urged to denounce domestic violence

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Muslims in Kibaale urged to denounce domestic violence
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Muslims in Greater Kibaale have been asked to work as a team in fighting against domestic violence and environmental degradation.

The call was made by Sheikh Isingoma Muhammad, the district khadi for Kibaale muslim district and Isaac Semakula, the Kibaale head of Dawa.

"As we mark Eid, it's important to look at issues that most affect us, one of them is domestic violence and environmental degradation, if we choose to go against them we can, let's please say this to each of them" Sheik Semakula

Aisha Tumwebaze, the Bunyoro Women Muslim representative applauded Women that spearhead development in various sectors of the economy and their projects are flourishing.

"I'm happy to report that women have not put waste to the money given to them by government, when you visit most of the village groups of women, they are doing well, even work wise most of their projects are moving steadily compared to others like youth groups" She said

Eric Musana, the MP for Buyaga East asked muslims to engage in the production process and value addition to realize income for sustainability.

"We have been guided by the President, when you sell raw, you get less, but when it's processed added value ,the value also increases in terms of price and this is what we need to look at, the challenges are machines, so we pray this can be addressed to government regionally basing on the products produced in an area" Musana challenged

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