A ray of hope for companies removed from gov’t register

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A ray of hope for companies removed from gov’t register
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The Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) has announced that previously deregistered companies following failure to file annual returns now have the opportunity to be restored.

Last year, URSB removed at least 186,000 companies from the register for neglecting to submit returns.

After not filing returns for five years, the registrar of companies had initiated their removal.

However, in a notice dated June 11, URSB revealed that these companies can now apply for restoration on the register.

URSB emphasized that applications for reinstatement must be completed through the Online Business Registration System (OBRS) on their website by August 30, 2024.

“Companies desirous of being restored onto the register are required to apply to the registrar of companies by August 30, 2024,” URSB said in a notice.

Applicants have been instructed to create an account on OBRS and begin the data update process for their delisted company.

URSB cautioned that companies failing to request restoration by the deadline will be permanently deregistered, making their names available for use by others.

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