Collection of signatures ends on Friday - MP Ssekikubo

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Collection of signatures ends on Friday - MP Ssekikubo
Mpuuga and the commssioners

The movers and seconders of the motion seeking to impeach the four embattled Commissioners of Parliament will be finalise the collection of signatures on Friday.

According to Lwemiyaga County MP Theodore Ssekikubo, the ongoing scandal in Parliament have opened the eyes of a number of legislators to append their signatures on the censure motion.

Ssekikubo and company are seeking to impeach the four backbench commissioners Mathias Mpuuga of Nyendo Mukungwe, Solomon Silwany of Bukooli Central, Esther Afoyochan of Zombo Woman, and Prossy Mbabazi of Rubanda Woman over corruption and abuse of office.

The commissioners are accused of negotiation and receiving a total of Shs1.7 billion from the parliamentary commission in 2022.

Ssekikubo and colleagues also says on Friday after closing the collection exercise they will also publish the full list of all legislators that would have appended their signatures on the motion that seeks to bring sanity in the Parliamentary Commission.

"On Friday, after closing the collection of signatures, we shall have a press conference where we shall publish a list on all MPs that are against corruption in this August House," Ssekikubo said

He is also optimistic that before the closure of the signature collection on Friday, the required or more number of signatures would be on the long awaited motion.

President Museveni on Thursday distanced himself from any suggestions he could shield the embattled commissioners, three of whom are from the ruling party.

"Corruption is very dangerous, don’t involve me in your struggles with the Commissioners, that is another matter, but corruption," Museveni told the nation in his Budget Day speech.

The President's message, largely seen as directed at the ongoing probe of corruption in Parliament that has seen three MPs charged and remanded in prison, was strong in substance and appeared to spell 'doom' for some MPs.

"Who do those people (corrupt) think they are? We are going to smash you, we have the capacity," he said.

"Because I don’t concentrate on those things myself, but now that they don’t listen, you have now attracted our full attention, you will see. We shall crash this treachery, this is really betrayal and we are going to finish it."

Some MPs from the ruling party who appended their signatures on the censure motion on Thursday Richard Gafabusa and Noah Wanzala Mutebi say their decision to append their signatures has been made by ongoing smoke of corruption in Parliament.

These NRM MPs also faulted the Government Chief Whip for ignoring the resolution of the Kyankwanzi Parliamentary Caucus that resolved to have all the Commissioners of Parliament elected instead of going through appointments.

"Can you imagine wasting our time coming up with resolutions in Kyankwanzi and resolved that we need to have commissioners elected instead of being appointed," Mr Wanzala said.

"The smoke of corruption at Parliament has exonerated us who wanted commissioners elected. They even made interested MPs to apply for the commissioners jobs and ignored all the application and brought the same names. Now let's teach these non-performer commissioners a lesson through this motion."

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