Jinja City Woman MP leads protest over relocation of education expo

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Jinja City Woman MP leads protest over relocation of education expo
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Jinja City Woman Member of Parliament Manjeri Kyebakuttika has joined a section of residents to solicit for signatures to petition Parliament, protesting against a decision by the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries to shift the annual education exhibition from Jinja Agricultural Show Ground to Bukalasa Agricultural Institute.

The group target to collect 50,000 signatures to support their cause and by close of business today more than 5,000 signatures were collected.

Kyebakuttika, who is the Shadow minister for trade and industry, says the annual education exhibition has been boosting the economy of Jinja through multiplier effect of high number of show exhibitors and show goers.

"They shifted industries to Namanve Industrial Park we kept quiet, we are the only region without a public university, and now they are taking our source of income. Why is it always Jinja and Busoga?" Kyebakuttika said.

She says due to multiplier effects, Jinja earns close to Shs2 billion courtesy of the high volume of people who throng the show as exhibitors and as well as show goers.

"Shifting the education expo is equivalent to crippling the economy of Jinja which we shall not accept," Kyebakuttika said.

Saulo Nsongambi, a resident, said the expo has been an annual event which draws different students from different institutions of learning to exhibit new innovations in science so it has been part of us in Jinja.

"Apart from boosting the economy, it has helped many of our students to learn, hence we oppose the decision to take to Bukalasa," he said.

Watson Wakapisi, another resident, said he has been benefiting a lot from the expo because it has been easily accessible due to proximity but taking it to Bukalasa shall delineate the people of Jinja from their annual event.

Sources at the Ministries of Agriculture as well as the Ministry or Education say the decision was reached at because the students have not been getting ample time to learn due to noisy learning environment in Jinja Agricultural show.

The students who come for to exhibit have been lacking accommodation because during the season of the Jinja Agricultural Show, the hospitality industry hike prices of hotels but at Bukalasa they will be free accommodation for all exhibitors.

Jinja has been hosting two expos at show ground. The Education Exhibition targets learners and the Agricultural Show is for farmers.

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