Kabuleta finds same solution to ending corruption, and it is leadership change

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Kabuleta finds same solution to ending corruption, and it is leadership change
Mr Joseph Kabuleta

The President of the National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED), Mr Joseph Kabuleta, has said eradicating corruption in the country hinges on removal of President Museveni from power.

This emerges in light of President Museveni's recent acknowledgment of rampant corruption within his administration, including his own State House staff.

“It is disheartening to discover that individuals within my office accept bribes to arrange meetings with me. Just recently, we arrested someone who allegedly extorted money from an investor, and the case is currently before the court,” President Museveni admitted.

Addressing the media yesterday, Kabuleta did not mince his words in his critique of Museveni's administration.

“Museveni is the most corrupt individual in the government, as proven by a court case in the US where he allegedly accepted a bribe of $500,000,” Kabuleta said.

He criticised the alleged exploitation of national resources by the President's family and the absence of Uganda's mineral wealth in the national budget.

Kabuleta pointed to flaws in Uganda's budgeting process, especially the misuse of classified expenditure, which increases each year while critical sectors such as health, education, and agriculture see declining allocations.

Uganda currently allocates less than 5 percent of its national budget to health, far short of the 15 percent commitment made under the Abuja Declaration.

The reliance on donor funding due to health spending shortfalls exposes Uganda to external interests, according to Kabuleta.

He also questioned the government’s borrowing practices, noting the Shs45 trillion debt owed to commercial banks and its impact on local businesses.

“Addressing corruption must start with removing President Museveni from office. Striking the shepherd will scatter the sheep,” Kabuleta argued.

He painted a grim picture of Uganda's economic state, attributing it to mismanagement and corruption within Museveni's administration.

Kabuleta called for a unified effort to remove the current regime and rebuild the country, proposing that the government prioritise paying its service providers to stimulate the economy and stressing the urgency of leadership change to enable meaningful decision-making in Uganda.

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