Kisoro Races for Health: Virunga Marathon Boosts Hospital ICU

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Kisoro Races for Health: Virunga Marathon Boosts Hospital ICU
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Over 600 runners laced up their shoes and pounded the pavement in Kisoro District for the inaugural Virunga Marathon. This exciting event, held at Saza grounds, drew participants not only from across Uganda (Kampala, Kasese) but also from neighboring Kigali, Rwanda.

The marathon wasn't just about competition - it was a race for a cause. Runners tackled distances of 10km, 21km, 32km, and the full 42km marathon, all with the shared goal of raising funds to equip the Kisoro Hospital's Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

This ICU enhancement is crucial. Kisoro Hospital serves not just the district but also patients from Rwanda and DR Congo. However, the lack of a properly equipped ICU has forced patients in need of critical care to undertake arduous journeys to Kabale or Mbarara for treatment.

The marathon resonated deeply with local leaders. Dr. Emmanuel Bahane, the Kisoro Hospital Medical Superintendent, expressed his appreciation for the initiative. He saw it as a solution to the long-standing ICU challenge that had significantly impacted patient care. Sharing Dr. Bahane's sentiments, Kisoro District Speaker Amos Hakizimana pledged the district's full support. This included not just financial assistance but also the crucial allocation of staff to operate the new ICU effectively.

Beyond its fundraising success (over 3.7 million shillings!), the Virunga Marathon offered additional benefits. It promoted community engagement in a healthy activity, encouraging residents to embrace running as a form of exercise. Additionally, organizers were thrilled to identify local running talent during the event. These promising athletes may receive future training and competition opportunities.

The enthusiastic response to the inaugural Virunga Marathon ensures it will become an annual event in Kisoro. The combined efforts of runners, organizers, and local leaders will not only improve ICU services at Kisoro Hospital but will also leave a lasting impact on the health and well-being of the entire region. This successful marathon serves as a prime example of how community spirit can bridge healthcare gaps and create a healthier future.

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