RDC asks kiosk operators to resist eviction from Kabale hospital premises

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RDC asks kiosk operators to resist eviction from Kabale  hospital premises
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Kabale District Resident Commissioner (RDC) Godfrey Nyakahuma has urged traders and kiosk operators near Kabale Regional Referral Hospital gate to continue their work without fear, following the hospital administration's absence from a crucial meeting for the second time.

On May 11, RDC Nyakahuma issued an eviction order to kiosk operators within the vicinity of Kabale Regional Referral Hospital, giving them 21 days to vacate.

This directive aimed to address concerns about security, drug smuggling, and unauthorized commercial activities, including the sale of alcohol that was raised by the hospital.

Nyakahuma cited reports from hospital management and the public, alleging that the kiosks had become hubs for illegal activities, including drug trafficking and storing stolen government drugs.

The directive, mandating eviction by the end of May 2024, sparked significant controversy and raised questions about the livelihoods of the operators.

Efforts to resolve the issue through meetings chaired by RDC Nyakahuma have been stymied by the hospital administrators' repeated absence.

The scheduled meeting at the Kabale District board room was again postponed due to the hospital administration's absence.

Speaking to the press, RDC Nyakahuma encouraged traders to continue working until a resolution is found.

He revealed that investigations into the allegations against the kiosk owners regarding drug harboring, alcohol sales, and poor sanitation were unfounded.

Nyakahuma also highlighted a land ownership dispute further complicating the issue.

“I have not known why the hospital administration has not come yet they are the main petitioners. There are complaints that the land where the kiosks are located doesn't belong to the hospital but to Winnie Uwiza. This has prompted us to first address the land ownership issue since Uwiza has been the landlady for these traders," Nyakahuma explained.

“On the issue of drug theft, we shall put contact informers to provide us with information. DC adds.

Sam Arineitwe, the Chairperson LC3 for Kabale Municipality's Central Division, expressed disappointment over the hospital administration's repeated absences.

He emphasized the need for a balanced solution that supports the 30-plus traders and their families while addressing the hospital's concerns.

Godson Tukacungurwa, chairperson for traders near Kabale Regional Referral Hospital,  refuted the hospital’s allegations, stressing the urgency to meet due to the looming ultimatum.

He called for authorities to intervene and provide traders more time to adjust their operations.

“The interest of the hospital is not that the kiosks are a threat but they also want to set up there own business around,”Tukacungurwa says.

"The ultimatum that ends this month is pushing us harder for a solution. The hospital has taken us for granted and seems unwilling to dialogue. We need authorities to help and give us more time," another trader said

Attempts to contact Kabale Regional Referral Hospital Director Dr. Philbert Nyeko for comments were unsuccessful, as he remained unavailable.


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