Water and sanitation academy to extend wings to Uganda

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Water and sanitation academy to extend wings to Uganda
Government spokesperson Chris Baryomunsi

Government is set to host the African water and sanitation academy which is part of  the African water and sanitation association aimed at training and building capacity of non academic and professional Ugandans.

Chris Baryomunsi, the minister of ICT and national guidance whilst speaking to media in Kampala, revealed that the government of Uganda approved the decision by the association board to establish an academy in Uganda and signed the agreement with the association to commence operations on a date to be communicated later.

The regional academy yet to be housed in Uganda will initially conduct non academic training.

Baryomunsi further revealed that government is embarking on a journey to mobilize Ugandans in subsistence farming to be part of the monetary economy by involving in wealth creation initiatives.

" The number of people living under the poverty line has reduced and since the 2014 census, people involved in subsistence farming came from 68% to 39%, so we need to have special engagements and change the mindset of the people,"  Baryomunsi said.

Baryomunsi added that political leaders, religious leaders and other leaders will take the lead to explain the public about resources like the youth fund and wealth creation and poverty eradication projects like parish development model and emyooga using radios and Televisions.

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