Mbarara authorities close city bridge as section caves in

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Mbarara authorities close city bridge as section caves in
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Linking over five suburbs of the city to the Mbarara city center and as an alternative route to Isingiro district road, Katete Bridge over River Rwizi has for years been a worry to the residents of Mbarara city especially the south division.

Composed of metal pillars, timber, and metal plates, the temporary bridge has undergone several repairs since its establishment in the 90’s.

Many residents currently shun residing in the areas the bridge connects to the central business district, for example, Katete, Kihogo, Nyamitanga, Kashanyarazi, KashenyiKabaale among others. The same road is an alternative route that easily and quickly connects to the Mbarara - Isingiro highway.

On Tuesday morning, a section of the makeshift bridge caved in which attracted the Mbarara city speaker Bonny Tashobya Karusya to order its closure because the bridge is no longer motorable.

“I have personally as the city speaker decided to close this bridge for vehicles. No car should use the bridge for now until further notice because people will lose lives here” Tashobya said.

Tashobya who is also the area councilor said  the area MPs have not done much to advocate for the quick response from the ministry of works and UNRA to work on the bridge because it is not in their capacity as a city to work on the bridge.

“The other day MPs said that we were to receive shs500 million which is way less from what is required. So, let the legislators come and address this issue and tell us the measures in place because it’s an emergency. Our budget as local revenue of shs 6.2 billion cannot facilitate the upgrade of this bridge."

Speaking to the Nile post, residents who use the bridge on a daily basis shared their dismay of the abandonment the city authorities and legislators have exhibited.

Hope Clemencia a resident of Upper Katete who operates a shop in the city center said, “we have been using the bridge but in fear. This is the shortest route to town and on a boda boda,  I pay shs2000 but if we are stopped from using this bridge, I will have to incur shs10000 to use Nyamitanga route to town.”

Nazil Mugisha a boda boda rider in Mbarara city  shared similar sentiments.

“When the bridge closes, we will be patient but that will depend on how long its rehabilitation would take but it needs an urgent attention and upgrade to a permanent bridge.”

Currently, no car is allowed to cross  the ridge to or from the city center.

Only motorcycles are allowed for a grace period of one week.

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