URA seizes 7.5 tonnes of smuggled wheat flour

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URA seizes 7.5 tonnes of smuggled wheat flour
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The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has intercepted a significant consignment of smuggled wheat flour weighing 7,500kg in Lwakhakha, as enforcement officers intensify efforts to curb illegal trade activities.

The operation led to the seizure of 150 bags of 50kg each of Bakers wheat flour being transported from Kenya in a truck registration number UAZ 786D. The truck driver fled the scene upon encountering the URA team.

"Our enforcement surveillance net was deployed on Thursday, May 17, leading to the discovery and seizure of eight motorcycles and over 20 bundles of discarded clothing used for transporting uncustomed goods," URA spokesperson Ibrahim Bbosa said.

Smuggling wheat flour remains a persistent issue in the eastern region, with URA conducting several successful enforcement operations in recent months.

In August 2023, authorities seized 150 cartons of wheat flour in Mbale following the trail of a notorious smuggler from Bukwo.

Subsequent operations in October and November 2023 saw the interception of trucks carrying 5,750kg and 350 cartons of smuggled wheat flour, respectively.

"Taxpayers whose goods are confiscated face additional costs, including storage fees calculated based on the cubic meters occupied by the goods. Traders are strongly advised against smuggling to avoid these penalties and the potential loss of goods through public auction," Bbosa warned.

URA is leveraging advanced Non-Intrusive Inspection technology at border points and enhancing field intelligence to detect and prevent smuggling.

The agency’s continued vigilance aims to protect the market from uncustomed commodities and enforce legal trade practices.

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