Muzeeyi urges unity and cooperation in African Intelligence Police

Deputy Inspector General of Police, Brig. Sabiiti Muzeyi has commended the African Intelligence Police for the spirit of cooperation.

Muzeeyi was delivering his speech at the closing ceremony of a two-day USALAMA V planning meeting at Resort Beach Hotel in Entebbe.

"As an old African proverb from Ethiopia says ‘when spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion’, the concept of uniting as brothers and sisters in fighting transnational organized crimes is ultimate solution to our major security problems," he said.

He urged the different members to maintain this kind of cooperation.

“The success of this operation will largely depend on how you continue to coordinate, share information and intelligence gathering. These crimes cause a big threat to the population and are a hindrance to economic and political development of our countries," he added.

He said it is evident enough that the success of USALAMA operation will directly impact on the positive development of the regions.

“There's no doubt that the discussed forms of crimes are among the worst affecting the entire region, “he said.

Muzeeyi thanked the delegates for having come up with clear plans on how to operate in a coordinated operation against these issues.

Since its inception years ago, USALAMA’s objectives have been to address the threats caused by transnational crimes including motor vehicle thefts, environmental crimes, terrorism, money laundering, arms, human and drug trafficking, among others in the 26 East and Southern African countries.

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