Parliament rejects shs288bn supplementary budget by gov't

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Parliament rejects shs288bn supplementary budget by gov't

The budget committee of parliament has  rejected  a supplementary budget worth 288bn referred to the committee by the speaker.

The MPs  rejected the consideration on grounds that this was illegally brought to the committee.

The supplementary budget  had been presented to the budget committee without approval of Parliament to add  to the already approved supplementary schedule 1 and 2 of shs4.593trillion.

Legislators sitting on the budget committee however tasked the committee chairperson to explain whether it was legal for the speaker to refer the matter to the committee yet law provides that the committee is restricted to business referred by the house.

" Mr.chairman, business to this committee is only referred by the house but now you are saying that the speaker recommended consideration. The speaker is not the house and as such she can not act outside the rules," said Ssemujju Nganda, MP Kira Municipality.

After consultations the supplementary request collapsed with the chairperson  declaring it as a smuggled item.

“As such, it will be illegal for this committee to start processing this supplementary request until it becomes business of the House and then the House will decide either to process it there or delegate it to this committee,” remarked Isiagi Opolot

The supplementary budget is meant to  cover entities including National Council of Sports to be accorded Shs152bn, Uganda National Oil company Shs132.634bn, Uganda Blood Transfusion Service , Shs2.5bn and the Uganda embassy in  Geneva Shs1.49bn.

Ssemujju Nganda, the shadow finance cited inconsistencies including the schedule being brought days to the closure of the financial year questioning its absorption.

“It is going to be very difficult for anyone to absorb this money because government procedures intended to protect taxpayers’ money are too procedural, they are too many. In the remaining 20days or one month to close the financial year, you can’t fulfill any of the requirements ,not even procurement."

According to the ministers' statement the funds are to be drawn from the petroleum fund which currents holds up to Shs400bn.

In a turn of events however, the committee rescinded its earlier decision illegally considering a supplementary expenditure which was never referred to them by the house .

The supplementary request is  to be tabled before parliament on May, 16 .

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