State House disowns service award probe letter

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State House disowns service award probe letter
President Museveni

The Presidency has termed as "forged" a letter bearing the official signature of President Museveni ordering a probe into the controversial service award the Parliamentary Commission extended to former Leader of the Opposition and three backbench commissioners.

The May 3 letter addressed to the Attorney-General, Mr Kiryowa Kiwanuka, sought advise on the legality of the so-called service award in which former LoP Mathias Mpuuga was given Shs500 million as gratuity in March 2022.

"When we were fighting Obote and Amin, we used to call it primitive accumulation of wealth," the purported Museveni letter reads.

"Why? Officials under those regimes were trying to get for themselves as much money as possible in the quickest time possible, in the easiest way possible. We used to ask them, 'Where does this leave your country?'"

But the Presidential Press Unit on Monday said it was a forged letter.

"The letter circulating on social media purportedly authored by the President on the subject of service awards to Parliamentary Commissioners is forged and should be ignored," the Presidency said.

State House's disowning of the widely publicised letter comes as a surprise to many considering that a section of the Presidency staff had earlier confirmed the same with various media.

The brief statement, simply signed off by "Management", did not indicate whether the Presidency was investigating the source of the now controversial letter.

Instead, it leaves a nation in a cloud of confusion and the authenticity of the various Presidency letters in doubt since, besides the digital signature and headed paper, they do not contain any official symbols.

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