Dr. Pamela Tibihikirra-Kalyegira appointed new director LDC

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Dr. Pamela Tibihikirra-Kalyegira appointed new director LDC
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The Law Development Centre (LDC) has appointed Dr. Pamela Tibihikirra-Kalyegira as its new director.

She takes over from Mr. Frank Nigel Othembi, who recently stepped down after serving the institution for 12 years.

As the Director of LDC, Dr. Tibihikirra-Kalyegira will assume the responsibilities of the accounting officer, overseeing overall administration and management, providing strategic leadership, implementing policies set by the management committee, and establishing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders.

Justice Paul Kahaibale Mugamba, the Chairperson of the LDC Management Committee, expressed his enthusiasm about Dr. Tibihikirra-Kalyegira's appointment in a statement.

"Dr. Tibihikirra-Kalyegira's proven leadership and transformative approach will undoubtedly lead the Law Development Centre to greater success in legal education,"he stated in a statement.

Justice Mugamba also highlighted Dr. Tibihikirra-Kalyegira's extensive experience in legal education, training, and justice administration.

He mentioned her previous roles as the Dean at Uganda Christian University and Chairperson of the Uganda Law Reform Commission.

Dr. Tibihikirra-Kalyegira holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Makerere University, a Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law Development Centre, and advanced degrees including a Master of Laws in Public International Law (with Merit) from the London School of Economics and a Doctorate in Judicial Science from Indiana University Maurer School of Law.

She was also a Fulbright Scholar during her studies at Indiana University.

In 1999, she was enrolled as an advocate of the High Court of Uganda and has practiced commercial law in the country.

Justice Mugamba also mentioned that Dr. Tibihikirra-Kalyegira has been a member of the LDC Management Committee from 2010 to 2016, highlighting her connection to the institution.

While acknowledging the challenges faced by the Law Development Centre, including a sex scandal and high student failure rates, it is hoped that Dr. Tibihikirra-Kalyegira's appointment will contribute to improving the institution's image and addressing these issues.

The Law Development Centre is the sole institution in Uganda that offers diplomas in legal practice to law graduates.

However, it has faced criticism for falling academic standards, lecturer absenteeism, overcrowding, and the quality of students admitted to the Bar Course.

Many students admitted to LDC fail to complete the course within the standard 11 months, often requiring multiple exam sittings and extending their graduation to four years.

In response to these concerns, LDC introduced pre-entry exams in 2010, initially showing improved results but subsequently experiencing a decline in success rates.

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