Nile Breweries Invests in Sorghum Growers to Boost Local Ingredient Quality

Nile Breweries Invests in Sorghum Growers to Boost Local Ingredient Quality
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Nile Breweries has pledged comprehensive support for sorghum growers in Uganda, announcing significant investments aimed at empowering farming communities.

The brewery's initiative seeks to leverage the production of quality local ingredients, ensuring that sorghum farmers maintain a competitive edge in the market.

The investment into sorghum farming is part of Nile Breweries' broader commitment to supporting local agriculture and ensuring the sustainability of their brewing operations.

James Kavuma, the District Manager for Nile Breweries in the West, explained that the company's focus on local ingredients serves a dual purpose: empowering farmers and maintaining a consistent supply of quality raw materials.

"By supporting sorghum growers, we are not only investing in our business but also in the communities that grow these essential ingredients. This initiative will give sorghum farmers a significant boost and help them thrive in a competitive market," said Kavuma.

The announcement coincided with the launch of the new Polish bottle shape for Eagle Extra, a popular Nile Breweries product.

The bottle's design reflects Ugandan traditions and heritage, signalling a connection between the brewery's products and the local culture.

Kavuma noted that while the bottle's shape has changed, the cost and the ingredients used to make Eagle Extra remain the same.

"The Polish bottle represents a new chapter for our brand, one that aligns with the evolving aspirations of our clients. However, it's important to note that the changes are aesthetic—the quality and affordability of the product remain unchanged," Kavuma added.

In 2021, Nile Breweries updated the Eagle Extra label design to resonate with their clients' changing expectations.

The launch of the new bottle shape in Mbarara underscores the company's commitment to keeping its products modern and appealing while maintaining deep roots in Ugandan culture.

Sorghum growers and the farming communities stand to benefit significantly from Nile Breweries' investment.

The initiative aims to create a sustainable ecosystem where local farmers are empowered, and the brewery continues to support the growth of the local economy.

By prioritizing local ingredients and investing in the communities that produce them, Nile Breweries demonstrates a commitment to both business success and social responsibility.

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