ROAR ARC moves to shake Uganda’s real estate market

ROAR ARC moves to shake Uganda’s real estate market
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ROAR ARC, a name synonymous with luxury real estate developments across the globe, is making waves in Uganda's real estate.

With a track record of crafting opulent residential spaces that redefine urban living, ROAR ARC has now set its sights on Uganda, bringing with it a promise of unparalleled sophistication and style.

According to officials, this renowned real estate juggernaut is poised to revolutionalise the landscape of Kampala and beyond with its impeccable standards and innovative designs.

The company’s 2024 Ugandan plan shows that it is gearing up to unveil over 10 prestigious residential projects in prime Kampala suburbs such as Ntinda, Bukoto, Kisasi, and Kyanja.

“Each of these projects is meticulously curated to cater to the discerning tastes of Uganda's elite, offering a blend of sophistication, comfort, and exclusivity,” the company said in a statement.

Officials say the company’s vision for Uganda goes beyond just erecting buildings but rather nurturing a culture of excellence and innovation within the local real estate community.

"Our goal is to create more than just living spaces; we aim to craft personalized sanctuaries that reflect the unique identities of our residents. Every duplex or unit within our complexes will be a testament to our dedication to luxury and individuality,” said ROAR ARC spokesperson, Nichole Mawanda.

He noted that in addition to catering to the elite, ROAR ARC is also dedicated to supporting emerging talent within the industry.

“ By providing mentorship and resources to up-and-coming real estate professionals, ROAR ARC hopes to cultivate a new generation of developers who will continue to push the boundaries of innovation in Uganda.”

Analysts say  ROAR ARC's entry into Uganda, the country's real estate industry is poised for a transformation of unprecedented proportions.

As the company prepares to unveil its first projects, anticipation is building, and expectations are high.


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