Chinese contractor to train 32 Ugandans in construction

Chinese contractor to train 32 Ugandans in construction
Officials in a group photo with the trainees.

China Communications Construction Company(CCCC) has launched a training program for Ugandans who will be equipped with skills in construction.

The training named ‘Seagull talent training project’ will see 32 Ugandan youths who are currently workers at CCCC be given basic construction theory, practical construction and Chinese proficiency skills in a bid to prepare them to work anywhere in the world.

Speaking during the launch of the program, Zhao Wei, the CCCC overseas General Manager said the training is part of their efforts to give back to Ugandans.

“Our local staff are the most valuable asset to the company. We have always attached great importance to the local talent training. This is just a beginning of this project and more will be launched globally in the future,” Zhao said.

He said the training program organized jointly with Wuhan City schoolis combined of theory and practice.

“At the same time, we have prepared training manuals and  text for our students. I trust that our students of the first session of this training project will cherish this learning opportunity and make more contribution to our company and to the nation for good.”

Fan Xuecheng, the Minister Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Uganda said such skills enable people to actively participate in the country’s development.

“China considers vocational education as a significant component of China’s education and talent cultivation system and since 2012, China has made great efforts to reform this sector. China’s vocational education system has taken a major step in terms of diversity, quality and contribution to social progress. This is what we hope Uganda can achieve,” Xuecheng said.

The official from the Chinese embassy in Uganda said whereas many talented young people in Uganda are looking for good jobs, many companies find it hard to get qualified and trained employees.

“We hope the 32 Ugandans can acquire skills to enable them compete for these jobs. We believe they will become the driving force to expedite Ugandan development.”

The State Minister for Labour and Industrialization, Esther Anyakun hailed CCCC and the Chinese government for this opportunity to skill Ugandans to international standards.

“As the Ugandan government, we recognize the critical role played by vocational training in this rapid changing global land scape. This initiative makes significant milestone in our vocational training program to empower our workforce with skills required in the labour market,” Anyakun said.

“This training will ensure Ugandans who work for CCCC will acquire the necessary skills that can make them self-reliant and self-sustainable that even if the company left Uganda, Ugandans will still have benefitted in form of skills that can enable them work anywhere in the world.”

The minister recommended that other companies that come to Uganda should adopt the same approach of training their Ugandan employees.

The Assistant commissioner for mechanical inspection at the Ministry of Works and Transport Winfred Naluyinda said this training will ensure Ugandans get the necessary skills in construction.

She said the Ministry of Works and Transport will request the Chinese company to establish a permanent skilling centre to continue carry out this skills enhancement and training to improve capacity of technical personnel that will continue to participate in various projects in the country.

China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) was the first largest state-owned transportation infrastructure group to enter overseas capital markets and is one of the Fortune 500 companies in the world.

The Chinese company is  engaged in the design and construction of transportation infrastructure, dredging and heavy machinery manufacturing business among others.


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