President Museveni grants Dr Martin Aliker official burial

President Museveni grants Dr Martin Aliker official burial
The late Dr Martin Aliker will be laid to rest on Sunday in Gulu City

The government has released the funeral programme for the late Dr Martin Aliker, who passed away on Monday.

The renowned dental surgeon and entrepreneur will be buried at Aworanga in Gulu City on Sunday, April 21.

In a statement, the government expressed condolences to the family, Anglican Church, and business community for their loss.

"President Museveni has directed an official burial for Dr Martin Jerome Aliker," reads a statement from the government spokesperson.

Preparations for the official burial include a prayer vigil on April 18 at 2 Summit View, Kololo, and funeral services at All Saints Cathedral Nakasero on April 19.

The programme continues with the body's departure to Gulu District on the same day, culminating in a funeral service at St. Philips Cathedral Mican-Gulu on April 20.

"Wreaths are discouraged; instead, contributions can be made to support education for needy children in Acholi," the statement says.

Security arrangements have been made for all venues, with the Uganda Police Force overseeing official ceremonies, including a gun salute on Sunday, April 21.

The government urges calm during the gun salute as the nation bids farewell to a distinguished figure.

The national anthem will be played, and the deceased's coffin will be draped with the national flag. A condolence book will be placed at a designated place and at all Uganda diplomatic missions abroad.

Dr Aliker passed away at the age of 95.

He was a renowned dental surgeon and distinguished businessman, leaving behind a legacy marked by his unwavering commitment to public service and entrepreneurship.

Born in Gulu District on October 21, 1928, to Rwot Lacito Okech and Juliana Auma, Dr Aliker's journey towards excellence began early in life.

He was educated at Gulu High School and later at King's College Budo. His academic prowess earned him a scholarship to Makerere University before embarking on studies in political science at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, US.

Upon completing his studies, Aliker returned to Uganda armed with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery. He became a trailblazer by founding the first black-owned dental practice in Kampala.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to invest in numerous businesses across Uganda, cementing his reputation as a visionary leader in the country's corporate landscape.

In addition to his achievements in business, Dr Aliker was a devoted public servant, serving as a Senior Presidential Advisor and Foreign Affairs Minister in President Museveni's administration.

His diplomatic acumen was widely recognized, as he undertook missions on behalf of Uganda, facilitating crucial dialogues with international leaders including Presidents Omar Al Bashir of Sudan and Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.

Dr Aliker's contributions extended beyond the realms of healthcare and diplomacy.

As the founding chancellor of Gulu University, he played a role in advancing higher education and fostering intellectual growth in northern Uganda.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Dr Aliker's personal life was characterized by enduring love and companionship. He celebrated 60 years of marriage with his beloved wife Camille, a testament to their unwavering bond and shared commitment to family.

As Uganda mourns the loss of a visionary leader and compassionate servant of the people, Dr Aliker's legacy will continue to inspire generations to come.

His dedication to excellence, entrepreneurship, and public service leaves an indelible mark on Uganda's history and serves as a beacon of hope for the future.

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