Govt directs on official burial for Umukuka Wamimbi

Govt directs on official burial for Umukuka Wamimbi
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The government has expressed its sincere condolences to the family of Umukuka Emeritus Wilson Wamimbi, as well as to the Bugisu community and Ugandans affected by his loss.

The government acknowledged Umukuka Emeritus Wamimbi's significant contributions to the nation and announced that he would be accorded an official burial.

“Umukuka Emeritus Wamimbi was not only known for his noble leadership and unwavering integrity but also for his remarkable ability to bring people together,” the statement signed by Minister of ICT and National Guidance, Chris Baryomusi, reads in part.

Umukuka Wamimbi passed away on April 12 from Kirudu Hospital in Kawempe at the age of 85.

“His passing marks the end of an era for the Bugisu community and indeed for Uganda as a whole.”

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The President has directed the formation of a national organising committee, chaired by the Minister for Presidency, Milly Babalanda, to oversee the funeral arrangements.

This committee, in collaboration with representatives from the family, has outlined a tentative programme for the funeral proceedings, details of which are expected to be released shortly.

The Government will provide updates on the tentative Programme for the Official Burial as arrangements progress.

Wamimbi's legacy of service, integrity, and unity will be remembered and cherished by all who had the privilege of knowing him.

As Uganda mourns his passing, the nation also reflects on the profound impact he had on shaping the country's history and future.

The funeral of Umukuka Emeritus Wilson Wamimbi is not just a loss for the Bugisu Community but for the entire nation of Uganda.

His memory will continue to inspire generations to come as they strive to emulate his remarkable leadership qualities and commitment to unity.


Burial programm

Wednesday 17th April | 8am-11:30am Sironko- Inzu ya Masaba Mwambu

|  12:00pm-2:30pm Manafwa – Inzu ya Masaba Mubuya

Night Vigil Mbale-Rongoro, 7miles on Mbale - Tororo Road.

Thursday April 18 | 8am-110am Council sitting Mbale District

|  10:30am-12pm Inzu Ya Masaba

|   Lukhobo Sitting

|  2pm-5pm Church Service St. Andrews Cathedral – Mbale

|   Night Vigil Mbale – Busano

Friday 19th April 19 | (all day) Viewing of the body, prayers and clan speeches at Mbale - Busano

Saturday April 20 | 10am – 2pm Burial Ceremony

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