NRM Secretariat rejects dismissal of Tororo county administrator

NRM Secretariat rejects dismissal of Tororo county administrator
NRM faults leadership vacuum for the fallout

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretariat intervened to address a divisive dispute surrounding the dismissal of administrator Stephen Isogol.

The conflict, characterised by allegations of disrespect and internal power struggles, has drawn scrutiny from top NRM leadership.

"The county leaders have no powers to dismiss the Registrar," stated Emmanuel Dombo, Director of Communication for the NRM Secretariat.

Dombo attributed the discord to a leadership vacuum within the county, highlighting the need for internal reconciliation.

Despite assertions by Frederick Angura, MP for Tororo county South and chairperson of the branch executive committee, regarding Isogol's dismissal, Dombo refuted the decision, asserting Isogol's continued tenure in office.

"The conflict is mainly internal and can be dealt with," Dombo declared.

The turmoil in Tororo county originated following the NRM Secretariat's decision to replace the office registrar in preparation for the NRM register update, prompted by the revelation of his status as a civil servant.

This development catalyzed a chain of events culminating in the contentious dismissal of Isogol and subsequent closure of the political office for weeks.

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