BREAKING: Jinja Hospital medics strike over contested land

BREAKING: Jinja Hospital medics strike over contested land
Jinja Hospital medics block the main gate during a protest

JINJA | Healthcare at Jinja Regional Referral Hospital has grounded to a halt as medics laid down tools to participate in a peaceful demonstration over contested prime land in the city.

Clad in their medical attires, the medics blocked the main gate of the hospital.

Jinja Hospital and Uganda Muslim Supreme Council have been embroiled in a battle for a 4-acre prime land on which a cemetery sits.

The land located along Clive Road West and next to Jinja Hospital and Bax Road, has been used by the Muslim community as a cemetery since 1927.

On Eid Day last week, the Muslim community in Jinja took their prayers into the contested land where they vowed not to give it and called for development initiatives to take place.

But the hospital is adamant the have the right to the same land that they intend to use for medical development.

Police led by DPC Jinja Central Police Division have heavily deployed in and around the hospital

The contested land was last month handed over to Jinja Muslim community by the State Minister for lands, Dr Sam Mayanja.

Details to follow....

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