FDC factions clash over funeral arrangements for Sarah Eperu

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FDC factions clash over funeral arrangements for Sarah Eperu
The late Sarah Epenu | Courtesy

The death of former Forum for Democratic Change activist Sarah Eperu has sparked a contentious battle between the Najjanankumbi and Katonga factions of the party, each vying for control of her funeral arrangements.

With conflicting claims over who has the right to organise the proceedings, the situation escalated with both factions booking separate funeral services.

FDC Najjanankumbi faction secured the services of A Plus Funeral Management, while the Katonga faction opted for Rhino Funeral Services.

Adding to the complexity, family members revealed that Eperu's wish was for Dr Kiiza Besigye to oversee the arrangements, a sentiment echoed by some members of the Najjanankumbi group.

In the face of mounting tensions, Dr Besigye emphasised the importance of prioritising a dignified burial for the deceased.

"What is important is to give the deceased a decent burial," he told mourners at a vigil in Ntinda on Wednesday evening.

The divide deepened as the Katonga faction announced a programme indicating plans to transport Eperu's body to Katonga following the church service, despite objections from family members aligned with the Najjanankumbi group.

The Najjanankumbi faction had also organised a body-viewing ceremony at their headquarters.

The late Eperu gained political currency with activism, running her campaigns with courage and telling the truth even in the face of repressive regime apparatus.

As spokesperson for the FDC Women's League, she led from the front on the streets as much as on talk-shows. She was a common feature on the Barometer show on NBS Television.

Eperu succumbed to renal complications on Sunday at Life Link Hospital in Kampala.

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