Speaker Among is Mama Busoga, Kamuli protesters say

Speaker Among is Mama Busoga, Kamuli protesters say
Speaker Anita Among supporters in Kamuli let their views known

Kamuli is former Speaker Rebecca Kadaga's home district and the open support for her successor and nemesis Anita Among is playing out for interesting politics

A group of Speaker Anita Among supporters in Kamuli town took to the streets to protest "attacks" by Opposition leaders against her person.

The National Unity Platform deputy spokesperson, Mr Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro, last week warned Ms Among to back off Rebecca Kadaga.

Mr Mufumbiro, who was addressing mourners at the burial of MP Abudu Katuntu's brother the late Ramathan Waiswa in Bugweri District, told the Speaker to quietly "enjoy her loot".

But the Kamuli group, comprising boda boda operators, NRM leaders and women, have taken matters into their placards and chants of slogans in support of the Speaker.

"Let everybody enjoy Kamuli and Busoga, but the challenge we have here, somebody personalised the district and you find everyone on tenterhooks, including public servants and local leaders," Julius Mulamba, the group leader, said.

He did not name that "somebody" he alleges "personalised the district".

The Kamuli group's protest follows an apology by Bugweri clan leaders about Mr Mufumbiro's conduct at the weekend.

The Abagweri leaders also sought a meeting with Speaker Among - that they were reportedly according on Monday morning at Parliament.

Armed with placards with inscriptions praising Ms Among, the group denounced remarks by NUP Deputy Spokesperson Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro, who last week told the Speaker to back off her predecessor Rebecca Kadaga.

Ms Kadaga is a political stalwart of Busoga and Kamuli, her home town.

Incidentally, the issues surrounding Ms Among follows a series of diatribe that many perceive as directed at Ms Kadaga, including an incident on March 16 in Buyende where she told the people that Kamuli was developed.

“They want you to remain poor whereas for them, Kamuli is developed. Don’t you want to develop here? We are going to develop you,” Ms Among told the people of Buyende.

Mr Charles Magaya, NRM chairman for Nabwigulu Sub-county, said they have voted Ms Kadaga for years and they know "her positives and negatives".

He said they need nobody to lecture them about how good she is, hence there hopes are in Ms Among.

Shakira Babirye, a vendor at Kamuli Market, said those attacking Speaker Among over her comments against Ms Kadaga are Opposition leaders.

"Let them leave issues of NRM to NRM members," Ms Babirye said.

However, another pro-Kadaga group in Kamuli are insisting on an apology from Ms Among for her diatribe against the person of Kadaga.

The latter group has warned Ms Among to find alternative routes to her marital home in Buyende, whose direct route is via Kamuli town.

Ms Kadaga has been pivotal in all developments in Kamuli and Busoga at large, the group led by Moses Bigirwa say.

Citing roads in Kamuli town which have been tarmacked, and solar lights installed, the construction of a Isimba bridge which they say was lobbied for by the former Speaker, the group say Ms Kadaga is their saviour.

Ms Kadaga is the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for East African Community Affairs. She remains a political lynchpin in Busoga with strong ties to the royal palace in Igenge.

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