Govt imposes hefty fine for vandalism on Entebbe Expressway

Govt imposes hefty fine for vandalism on Entebbe Expressway
Entebbe Expressway | Courtesy

Shs15 million and over to be charged for causing damage to Entebbe Expressway

In a bid to combat road vandalism and ensure the preservation of taxpayer funds, the government has implemented a significant penalty for offenders damaging the Entebbe Expressway.

Mr Allan Ssempebwa, spokesperson for the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), revealed that offenders will be fined Shs15 million.

This decisive action reflects the government's growing concern over the costly cycles of road installation and restoration.

Mr Ssempebwa said those responsible for damaging the highway will be held accountable for the full extent of the damage, including the repair or replacement of the infrastructure and all accompanying components.

"The government can't keep on installing and restoring damaged infrastructure, it's actually wastage of tax payer's money," Ssempebwa said.

While addressing concerns about the condition of the Entebbe Expressway, Ssempebwa reassured the public that the road is world-class in design and finishing.

He clarified that the hefty fine is not a reflection of any shortcomings in the highway's construction but rather a proactive measure to deter vandalism and ensure its longevity.

"We are happy as UNRA, an agency in charge of roads in Uganda now that reflecting on the past rates at which people died on the express highway has reduced to zero for the last one month," he added.

Ssempebwa further highlighted the need for increased sensitisation on road safety and proper driving behavior, particularly addressing the issue of over-speeding on the expressway.

He urged law enforcement officers not only to focus on issuing tickets but also to engage motorists and educate them on safe driving practices.

Entebbe Expressway is a four-lane toll highway designed to provide an efficient mass transit route between two vital cities of Kampala and Entebbe in the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area and decongest the capital city.

The 49.6km highway was constructed with funding from both the Exim Bank of China (73.58 percent) and the government (26.4 percent) by China Communications Construction Company Ltd.

At its completion in November 2012, the highway had cost $479 million (about Shs8.4 billion), making it one of the most expensive road networks in the world.

The Entebbe Expressway is a toll road with UNRA regulating the charges on motorists who ply the highway.

However, being a speed highway, the Expressway is often the bane of many motorists who "fly" into accidents - including a number of occasions when they have rammed into the toll charges area.

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