Museveni , religious leaders to convene in Kampala for anti-corruption, economic empowerment talks

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Museveni , religious leaders to convene in Kampala for anti-corruption, economic empowerment talks
President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in a group photo with Church Of Uganda Bishops from Great Rwenzori Region after a meeting at the State House Entebbe on the 28th March 2024. Photo by PPU

President Museveni has commended religious leaders for their condemnation of corruption, urging them to continue their efforts in tackling the pervasive issue.

Addressing the religious community, the president emphasized the detrimental impact of corruption, describing corrupt individuals as parasites that hinder and undermine the nation's transformation endeavours.

He highlighted the National Resistance Movement's (NRM) historical awareness of corruption, citing his involvement in combating corruption among chiefs, teachers, medical staff, and veterinarians since the 1960s.

In his message, President Museveni emphasized the significance of empowering the people as victims of corruption.

He highlighted the creation of administrative government structures such as the District Commissioner (DC), County chief, Gombolola chief, and Muruka chief, as well as the establishment of positions like LC V, Councillors, LC-3, LC-2, and LC-1s, which aimed to give power to the people and enable them to oversee government activities in their respective areas.

However, the president expressed concern that this anti-corruption weapon is not being effectively utilized, calling for accountability from elected officials and suggesting that religious leaders take an interest in this matter.

Museveni stressed the availability of an anti-corruption mechanism at the local level and urged its utilization.

He called upon Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) to act as activists in monitoring the actions of Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs), veterinarians, medical staff, and extension workers.

Furthermore, the president stated that if RDCs fail in their duties, it is the responsibility of the Ministry of the Presidency to report such cases, leading to immediate action and removal of the responsible individuals.

The president also mentioned that Members of Parliament (MPs) have their mandate in combating corruption.

Addressing the issue of land grabbing, President Museveni emphasized that it primarily occurs within communities and various administrative structures, including elected bodies, political entities, and religious organizations.

He highlighted the importance of these entities in possessing valuable information that could aid in addressing land-grabbing-related problems.

Additionally, the president called upon religious leaders to actively engage in discussions about wealth creation, asserting that it is not in line with godliness to have unemployed individuals living in poverty.

He praised certain religious leaders, such as Bishop Ahimbisiibwe, Bishop Rubaramira, and Arch-Bishop Odama, for leading by example in wealth creation through initiatives involving coffee, tea, and cassava cultivation respectively. President Museveni encouraged religious leaders to join the government in promoting a harmonized message on wealth creation.

The president also expressed concern over property fragmentation resulting from parents' death, which has led to a situation of "land with disability" (LWD) in many parts of Uganda.

This fragmentation has had severe consequences, including the inability to produce food in fertile areas.

Museveni reiterated the NRM's commitment to uplifting families from poverty and emphasized the importance of home income and education for all.

Museveni highlighted the ongoing audit of wealth creation activities in Rwakyitura and Kisozi, with plans to report on the findings in detail.

He expressed his intention to engage with religious leaders in Kampala to further address issues of corruption and wealth creation in the nation.

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