Museveni announces sixth census

Museveni announces sixth census
A teacher goes about his business in a crowded mud and wattle classroom

President Museveni has officially declared the commencement of the 6th National Population and Housing Census (NPHC), set to begin on May 10, 2024.

Recognizing the census's crucial role in planning and service delivery across various sectors, President Museveni urged citizens to actively and truthfully participate when enumerators visit their homes.

In a statement, Museveni underscored the significance of obtaining accurate information for the country's development, reiterating the importance of the census.

"As we strive to achieve Uganda's Vision 2040, it is imperative that our plans are based on precise data regarding our people and resources," he emphasized.

Furthermore, he highlighted the census's contribution to informing government policies, programs, and supporting sectors such as the private sector, cultural and religious institutions, civil society, and development partners.

Museveni called upon all stakeholders to rally behind the census initiative.

"Hence, I appeal to all Political, Cultural, and Religious leaders, Private Sector players, Civil Society, the Media, and Government Institutions to lend their support to this vital national program," he noted.

The President emphasized that the census has the potential to impact the well-being of all Ugandans and propel the country towards socioeconomic transformation.

He urged citizens to cooperate with the data collectors, emphasizing the importance of providing honest answers to ensure the accuracy of the information collected about households, institutions, and communities.

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