Ugandan introduces digital driving permit for the East African region

The Ugandan government has launched a digital and single driving permit, which will be used within the East African community, and other countries where Uganda has signed the bi lateral agreements. The new permit possesses security features that are not easy to duplicate.

For long, getting a driving permit in Uganda has been a tag of war because of the bureaucracies and inefficiency at the issuing agency.

The frustrations have left many with no choice, but for forge driving permits to be able to drive on Ugandan roads.

General Katumba Wamala the state minister for works said many Ugandans forge the permits on Nasser and this has led to a rise in road carnage in Uganda.

But this will soon come to an end after the ministry of works and transport invested billions of shillings for electronic permits.

Scanning and getting fingerprints in this process is key and according to the developer of the software it will reduce duplication and tax avoidance.

A Ugandan driver with the new permits will be able to drive across the east African region.

However AIGP Stephen Kasiima says that even with electronics driving permits, driving schools must adhere to the set traffic standards

The permits will incur an extra cost of 20,000 shillings. A three-year driving permit now costs Shs 150,000. A one-year permit costs Shs 55,000. Permit renewal goes for Shs 130,000. A provisional driving permit costs Shs 30,000.

Procedure for a full/new driving license

This is issued for one year or three years and is renewable for similar further periods on expiry. Altogether, there are 12 existing classes, however only 4 classes are permissible for a beginners drivers license. These include: Group B (Passenger vehicles up to 7 people and Goods vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes), Group A (Motorcycles), Group H (Agricultural Tractors) and Group F (Pedestrian controlled Vehicles).

After passing the driving test, apply at the appropriate U.R.A licensing office for a full driving license. This is issued for one year or three years and is renewable for similar further periods on expiry.


  • Go to the designated URA licensing office, where your Certificate of Competence has been sent, and fill Forms VII and UCDP1. (No need for medical examination if already got one at learners stage)
  • Attach your Learners permit to forms VII and UCDP1 and obtain Bank Payment Advice Forms for Full Driving License.
  • After making payment to the appropriate bank, submit your application to the Tax payer service desk, at the URA licensing office, and have your Bank payment copy stamped to confirm acknowledgement of receipt of the application.
  • Get to the area Face Technologies centre, as advised by the licensing officer, to pay for and obtain your computerized license.

Apply Online

  1. You will need to visit the Uganda Revenue Authority Website at
  2. Scroll down and locate the Payment Registration link.
  3. Select option NTR and under Tax head, scroll down and choose Full Exchange D/P.
  4. Continue filling all parts especially those with a red star as they are mandatory, click accept and register and then on the next page, click print.
  5. Go to the bank you choose as your payment bank and enact your payment.
  6. Go to any URA branch; pick the Drivers license application forms (Form A Make sure to check box with Driving Permit Exchange and Form B Medical form).
  7. Fill in the form A and take form B to the nearest eye care clinic or hospital for thorough checking on especially the eyes.
  8. Take back the filled forms together with your bank payment receipt and drop them to the URA branch of your choice.
  9. Go to Kyambogo Face Technologies, the official Driving permit processing center after the period as recommended by the URA staff.
  10. You will be given a Temporary (Paper) driving license which will be valid for one month after which you will take it back so as to get the Real Drivers License.

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