Kizza Besigye Case Stalled Again: Prosecution Absence Sparks Frustration

Kizza Besigye Case Stalled Again: Prosecution Absence Sparks Frustration
Besigye at Court

The hearing of the Charges of incitement of violence against Veteran Politician Dr Kizza Besigye at Chief Magistrates' Court Buganda Road continues to flop due to the failure of the prosecution to show up.

According to the presiding Magistrate Grade 1, Winnie Nakya, the prosecution was in the premises of court but committed to another highly public interest case which rendered it unable to attend to Besigye's case.

"We heard that the DPP was advised to assign the prosecutor to another matter so, Dr and sir (Mukaaku), we apologise that we had to concentrate on the other case but bear with us, at an annexed date, we shall work on you." said Her Worship Winnie Nankya.

The Magistrate therefore pushed the case to April 19.

However, according to Dr. Besigye, he regards the delay of his case by the court as deliberate and accuses the court of not only persecuting their struggle but also wasting their time and resources as they frequently come to court over a 'trivial' matter.

"This is total persecution disguised as prosecution but we know the country we are living in and by the way, moments like these make us stronger to keep in the struggle," said Dr. Kizza Besigye.

Dr Kizza Besigye together with the DP stronghold Lubega Mukaaku are currently battling charges of incitement of violence

This Besigye's case dates from charges that on May 24, 2022, at Arua Park, Muno village, Shauriyako parish in Central Division, Kampala district, without lawful excuse at an assembly made statements to members of the public indicating or implying that it would be desirable to demonstrate, an act which was reportedly calculated to lead to destruction or damage to property.

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