Kampala Road Repairs hit a pothole: SFC Contract Under Scrutiny

Kampala's road repairs have run into a ditch. Engineer Ronald Balimwezo, head of the Kampala Roads Committee, is demanding the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) withhold further funds from the Special Forces Command (SFC) until the details of their repair contract are made public.

This follows concerns about the quality of work done by the SFC. Balimwezo argues it's inadequate and unprofessional. Awarded the contract in October 2023 with an initial payment of 1.1 billion shillings (out of a promised 3 billion), the SFC claims to have completed repairs on 32 of the designated 64 roads. However, Balimwezo remains unconvinced.

The SFC blames a lack of funds for delays and incomplete work. Major Jimmy Omara, their spokesperson, insists they're waiting for the remaining 1.9 billion from KCCA to finish the job. But transparency is a sticking point for Balimwezo. He stresses it's vital for proper supervision and monitoring.

Critics add fuel to the fire, alleging the contract ballooned from 2 billion to 3 billion shillings due to presidential influence. This, along with accusations of shoddy work by the SFC, has sparked outrage from politicians and city leaders.

As the debate rages on, the future of Kampala's road repairs hangs in the balance. Balimwezo's demand for transparency casts doubt on the SFC's ability to deliver. The SFC, meanwhile, dismisses criticism as mere politicking.

This standoff underscores the importance of accountability and efficient use of taxpayer funds in infrastructure projects. Greater transparency and oversight are crucial to ensure Kampala's roads get the repairs they deserve.

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