NRM MPs demand urgent recall of Parliament amid corruption allegations

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A wave of dissent has swept through the ranks of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) as some of its members have joined forces with the Opposition, demanding the immediate recall of Parliament from recess.

The move comes in response to mounting allegations of corruption and abuse of office that have surfaced on social media platforms, tarnishing the reputation of lawmakers.

Speaking out against the perceived inertia in addressing these allegations, Theodore Ssekikuubo, representing Lwemiyaga County, lamented the predicament faced by MPs in the wake of the scandal.

"We can’t now talk with our heads high on the streets of Kampala," he declared. "We are all bundled up, nobody is giving answers."

Ssekikuubo, often regarded as a rebel within the NRM ranks, called for urgent action, urging the Speaker to reconvene Parliament and facilitate a robust debate on the allegations.

He criticised Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja for allegedly obstructing parliamentary proceedings, accusing her of encroaching on the legislature's independence.

The controversy deepened as Ssekikuubo disclosed that a scheduled plenary sitting was abruptly cancelled following a directive from the Prime Minister, raising concerns about executive interference in parliamentary affairs.

"Parliament has been captured. This is very strange; Parliament is being run down," he said.

In addition to the allegations of corruption, Ssekikuubo revealed that certain members of the Parliamentary Commission, tasked with overseeing legislative matters, had gone into hiding amidst the public outcry.

He implored the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, and Clerk to Parliament to fulfil their duties and restore the integrity of the institution.

As pressure mounts on lawmakers to address the allegations head-on, calls for transparency and accountability resonate within the corridors of power, underscoring the imperative for swift and decisive action to uphold the principles of good governance.

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