KCCA casual laborers' salaries take another twist

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KCCA casual laborers' salaries take another twist
City sanitation workers at City Hall on Monday

In a heated exchange over payment of salaries for Kampala city casual laborers, the city division mayors criticized the minister for public service Lucy Nakyobe for delaying payment of these arrears, as Nakyobe ordered for fresh scrutiny and verification of the unpaid laborers.

This as the speaker of parliament Annet Anita Among ordered KCCA ED Dorothy Kisaka yesterday to pay the laborers today, an order that has not been executed.

Kampala division mayors who attended today's meeting with Nakyobe including Makindye's Ali Mulyanyama and Kawempe's Emmanuel Sserunjogi, criticized the current KCCA leadership for failing to resolve this matter and only chose to forward it to the speaker of parliament and Nakyobe yet its within KCCA's mandate to resolve the matter.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere at City Hall in Kampala was tense, with reporters barred from entering the meeting premises.

Emmanuel Sserunjogi expressed concern about the situation, questioning whether every issue KCCA will fail to make will be forwarded to the Speaker and Nakyobe.

Ali Kasirye Mulyannyama, Mayor of Makindye, echoed Sserunjogi's sentiments, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability in Kampala's administration.

The mayors now want to be given the mandate to handle their issues at the division level rather than bundling up everything to the KCCA leadership, yet they have proved to have failed on delivering this mandate.

As tensions escalate, residents are left wondering about the future of their city, with uncertainties looming over the effectiveness of current leadership and the delivery of essential services.

It remains to be seen how the authorities will address the ongoing crisis and restore order in Kampala amidst growing discontent among the populace.

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