UEGCL Launches Safety Campaign at Isimba Hydropower Plant

UEGCL Launches Safety Campaign at Isimba Hydropower Plant
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Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL) has launched the "SafetyForStation" campaign at its Isimba Hydropower Plant. This initiative aims to strengthen safety protocols and uphold the company's Health & Safety Policy across all its facilities.

The campaign focuses on five critical risk areas: falls from height, electrical hazards, fire hazards, drowning, and asphyxiation. It emphasizes ten essential safety behaviours associated with these risks and encourages staff to actively participate in safety measures and report violations to promote a positive safety culture.

This campaign comes after Isimba HPP achieved 1,000 days without Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) on November 12, 2023. (An LTI is an injury causing an employee to miss work.) The "SafetyForStation" program aims to maintain this zero-LTI record by:

  • Increasing awareness and building the capacity of staff and contractors regarding safety protocols.
  • Encouraging plant staff to report any safety concerns they observe.
  • Establishing an effective system for addressing reported concerns and feedback.
  • Ensuring consistent compliance with safe work practices and procedures.
  • Fostering a safe working environment in all UEGCL plants.

This initiative highlights UEGCL's commitment to creating a safe working environment for its employees and contractors at all its power plants, including Isimba HPP, which faces inherent risks due to its nature as a run-of-river plant.

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