Weatherman predicts above normal rains between March and May

The Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA) has released its seasonal rainfall outlook for March to May 2024, forecasting near-normal to above-normal rainfall across the country.

This announcement comes amidst growing concerns over the impact of climate change on agricultural activities and livelihoods.

Bob Alex Ogwang, the acting executive director of UNMA, presented the outlook, highlighting the expected distribution of rainfall across different regions of Uganda.

According to the report, the southern parts of the country, including Southwestern, Central, Western Lake Victoria basin, and Eastern regions, are likely to experience the onset of rainfall around early March. Conversely, the northern and northeastern regions can expect the onset around mid to late March.

The forecast indicates that areas such as the highlands of Southwestern Uganda, the Rwenzori region, Mount Elgon, and parts of Karamoja are expected to receive above-normal rainfall. This prediction raises hopes for improved agricultural productivity in these regions.

However, the onset of rainfall is anticipated to be accompanied by severe isolated thunderstorms characterized by strong winds, lightning, and hailstorms. Such weather events could pose risks to communities, agriculture, and infrastructure, necessitating preparedness measures.

The UNMA's regional breakdown of the forecast outlines the expected onset, peak, cessation, and the overall seasonal outlook for each area. These details are crucial for local authorities, farmers, and other stakeholders to plan and adapt to the predicted weather conditions effectively.

Ogwang emphasized the importance of timely and appropriate action in response to the forecasted rains. He urged stakeholders to utilize the information for planning rain-fed economic activities, thereby improving economic welfare and livelihoods across communities.

The UNMA reaffirmed its commitment to monitoring weather systems' evolution and issuing relevant alerts, updates, and advisories regularly. It advised users to complement the seasonal forecast with other weather forecasts, including daily, decadal, and monthly updates, for comprehensive planning.

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