Ex-Police Constable Arrested for Theft and Desertion

Ex-Police Constable Arrested for Theft and Desertion
police constable, Ahabwe Michael

Ahabwe Michael, a name once synonymous with the badge, now echoed with betrayal. The Kampala constable, entrusted to uphold the law, had become a fugitive, vanishing into the city's underbelly after pilfering a seized motorcycle. His victim, Walusimbi Samuel, left with nothing but a gaping hole where his livelihood used to be.

For months, Ahabwe evaded capture, a phantom flitting through the shadows of Mbarara. He sought refuge in the supposed anonymity of a private security firm, a cruel twist of irony for a man who had sworn to serve and protect. But the serpent's nature proved impossible to shed. Just as quickly as he donned the uniform of a security guard, he turned his hand to dismantling the very infrastructure he was meant to safeguard.

His 18-day charade crumbled when the metallic clang of his vandalism echoed through the Ugandan night. The authorities, alerted to his presence, swooped in, their sirens a grim melody announcing the fall of a fallen angel.

Ahabwe Michael, the man who once stood as a symbol of order, now faces a different kind of justice. Stripped of his badge and his honor, he awaits his fate, a stark reminder that even the guardians can succumb to the darkness within.

The news of his capture sent shockwaves through the city, a bitter pill to swallow for a community already grappling with shattered trust. But amidst the disappointment, a flicker of hope remained. For in the swift apprehension of Ahabwe, the authorities had sent a clear message: even the fallen can be brought to heel, and the fight for justice, however arduous, will never truly cease.

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